Straightforward SMTP email delivery

We created Sendamatic for those who need to send high volume, high quality transactional emails at an economical price. We are deliberately no-frills - you'll find no list management, link tracking, or template management tools here, just superb SMTP email delivery.

Multiple identities

Easily add and manage multiple sending domains and mail credentials from one account

Fully DMARC compatible

DKIM signing and custom MAIL FROM domains ensure compliance with domain DMARC policies

Bounce and complaint notifications

Receive webhook or email notifications for any bounces or complaints

Human support

Get support from people who understand the challenges of email delivery at scale

One-click unsubscribe handling

Automatically add list-unsubscribe headers where necessary, and notify you of any unsubscribe requests

Comprehensive API

Send emails, manage your account, and identify mailboxes that have ongoing delivery issues

IP reputation

We take our sending reputation very seriously, monitor all major DNSBLs, and subscribe to all major FBLs. Troublesome addresses are automatically added to a temporary suppression list, and our systems can reroute mail if any temporary deliverability issues occur.

Cloud based

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to manage and maintain SMTP servers. A cloud-based SMTP service is a great option if you want to reduce the cost of hardware and maintenance. Sendamatic handles all the intricate details, so you can concentrate on doing the things you do best.

Scalable delivery

Every month, millions of emails are delivered to inboxes through our reliable delivery infrastructure. Learn how our platform will make sending emails faster by setting up our SMTP relay quickly and easily.

What payment methods do you support?

Sendamatic partners with Stripe for simplified billing. We accept all major credit cards and will process your payments in US dollars.

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